Review: Work Meeting in Amsterdam

4.12.2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Toolkit and involvement of external Smart Energy projects.

On December 4th 2013, the S3C consortium met in the offices of consortium-partner ECN in Amsterdam to work on work packages 4 (toolbox) and 5 (rollout) as well their interlinks. During the meeting, they agreed on a first set of tools and guidelines for the toolkit-website that are now being developed and discussed.

First, the consortium discussed the different gateways from which the tools and guidelines for end-user engagements can be accessed. In order for different stakeholders to find their respectively optimal access, the toolkit is likely to be accessible from the "goal”-perspective of a project, from the individual project phases (planning, implementation, evaluation etc.) and from different topics of end user-engagement (incentives, end-user feedback, communication, billing structures etc.).

In a workshop, the consortium members agreed on guidelines and tools that are now being developed as first content of the upcoming tool website. Guidelines offer information on the usage, target groups and possible combination of tools, whereas tools offer ready-to-use support to e.g. conduct end-user interviews or focus groups deriving from the in-depth analyses on best practice end-user engagement projects.

Finally, the consortium discussed the integration of external smart grid projects that want to try the tools and guidelines developed by the S3C-consortium.

In case you are interested in the development of the tools and guidelines or would like to apply them in your smart energy project, get in touch.

Host: ECN