Review: Renewable Energy Research Conference (RERC)

16.6. - 17.6.2014, Oslo, Norway

Consortium member Matthijs Uyterlinde (ECN) represented S3C at the Renewable Energy Research Conference 2014 (RERC) in Oslo, Norway. The Conference, organized by the Centre for Renewable Energy (a virtual centre owned by NTNU, UiO, Sintef and IFE), featured many interesting presentations covering a broad scope within technology, social sciences and economics. What are the latest solutions and developments for a low carbon society? What will be the future fuel of your car? What is the best way of storing energy? How will smart meters and people change the energy distribution into smart grids? What is the future for green certificates? How can we use mobile phone tracking to reduce greenhouse gases? What is the newest progress within renewable energy production? Why do we need strategic technology policy and renewable energy standards? What is the impact of hydrogen cars in the transport sector? How do we get from Zero Emisson Buildings to Smart Cities?

In the parallel session about Innovation and Public Engagement, Matthijs Uyterlinde’s (ECN) presentation How to actively engage people in smart grid projects: their new roles as consumer, customer and citizen addressed the success factors, best practices and pitfalls and the KPIs for end user engagement that were identified in the cross-case analysis of S3C’s Family of Projects. Both in the session and in the plenum discussion, it was underscored that a thorough understanding of the end user’s needs is needed to pave the way for the future roll-out of the smart grid.  
To get an impression of the event, please visit the conference website.