Review: IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology - Expert group meeting

3.6. - 4.6.2015, Oslo, Norway

Will a smarter grid lead to smarter end users - or vice versa

The IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology held a workshop for the Experts' group on R&D priority-setting and evaluation in Oslo, Norway.
The workshop focused on the potential benefits of smart grids for end-users, identifying innovative approaches and critical aspects for realizing this potential well as the needs for the future R&D on this topic.
Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M. Consult) was invited to represent the S3C project in the session "Insights into End-Use Behavior". The questions adressed in this session were:
  • How important is consumer confidence to ensure a successful implementation of the smart grid?
  • What should consumers know about electricity? What if they do not care to know that?
  • to realize the potential of the smart grid, will it be necessary for consumers to change behavior? What are the experiences in this sector or others on how people do or do not change behavior with available technology?
  • Are there differences in behavior between private and professional end-users, and what does that mean?
Host: The Research Council of Norway