S3C WEBINAR: Involving people in Smart Energy: A toolkit for utilities, energy agencies and smart city developers

18.2.2016, 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr

S3C WEBINAR at the DSM University

Teachers: Hans De Keulenaer, Ludwig Karg, Hans Nilsson

Users are taking centre stage in future energy systems. Smart grids will only succeed if we take into account the desires, motivations and concerns of people. Developing smart grid products and services represents not only a technological challenge, but an equally importantly a social challenge. The project S3C (Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen) developed a toolkit with 50 practical guidelines and tools on how to engage consumers in smart energy projects. It covers a wide range of topics. How to better understand the needs of target groups? How to set up attractive incentives or reward schemes? How can I effectively communicate with customers? The webinar will present you with elaborated solutions for the effective engagement of consumers, customer and citizens.

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