Review: ISGAN Workshop "The Role of Communication as Enabler for the Development of Smart Energy Systems"

14.9. - 15.9.2015, Lecco, Italy

The International Smart Grid Network (ISGAN) and Global Smart Grid Federation, in partnership with the European project, ELECTRA, organised a two-day international conference. Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M. Consult) represented the S3C project.

The conference targeted experts and stakeholders from the areas of smart grids, smart energy, smart cities and communications actors to discuss the policy, regulatory, legislative and technical challenges that must be addressed to leverage the full potential of communications for the expansion of smartness and flexibility in energy systems. 

The conference was complemented by an exhibition space to showcase outstanding projects. Ludwig Karg (CEO of B.A.U.M. Consult) represented the S3C project and gave the introduction to Session 1: Communications as enabler of integrated services - smart cities: expert voice and round table. The full documentation of the workshop, including the presentation from Ludwig Karg are available at the ISGAN website.