WEBINAR: Innovation with and for consumers and citizens


Joint S3C/ISGAN-Annex 7 Webinar
9am & 9pm

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Active demand by households and SMEs is still not widely adopted. While it has a long-standing tradition in industry, other potential remains largely untapped.

Although a variety of interventions aimed at ‘activating’ end users of energy have been piloted in smart grid projects, a consistent and integrated view on how to incentivize consumers to change their behavior is still lacking. From an energy policy perspective, it is important to understand key enabling factors that contribute to active demand, in order to leverage them by targeted policy interventions. From a research and innovation policy perspective, social innovations and involving end users in the innovation process are important fostering factors to overcome the barriers in bringing smart grid technologies from technological readiness to system wide deployment. 

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is hosting this webinar titled "Innovation with and for consumers and citizens” in collaboration with the ISGAN Annex7 and the EU-project S3C (Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen).

S3C argued that the rule „one size does not fit all” also applies to the preferences of residential and commercial energy users. Thus, the project differentiated between three archetypes of end-users: the smart consumer, the smart customer and the smart citizen. With this guiding principle in mind and the support from 32 collaborating Smart Grids projects, 
S3C has developed and tested a toolkit with practical tools and guidelines for involving energy end users. 

The webinar will cover key results, best practice examples and recommendations for fostering end user involvement from the S3C project, the ISGAN Annex7 and beyond. 


Erik Laes: 
Erik Laes is a chemical engineer and holds additional degrees in philosophy and environmental sciences. In 2006, he obtained a PhD in engineering sciences. As a researcher at SCK•CEN (1999-2009), he worked on several projects involving sustainability appraisal, participative technology assessment, and Scenario Development. In July 2009, he joined VITO in the unit ‘Transition, Energy and Environment’ where he is currently involved in projects concerning scenario analysis, sustainability evaluation of energy technology, transition management and smart grids/smart energy users. In the Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen project, he acted as project coordinator.

Ludwig Karg: 
Ludwig Karg graduated with a master (Dipl. Inf. univ.) in Computer Sciences at the Technical University of Munich (1981). He gained practical experience in software engineering and held German and international positions in Intel Corp. for multimedia and network products. He is Managing Director of B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH (since 1993) and Chairman of INEM (International Network of Environmental Management). Mr. Karg led various national and international research and development projects on sustainability, renewable energy usage, smart grids and energy storage. In the Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen project, he act-ed as senior project manager.

Klaus Kubeczko:
Klaus Kubeczko is senior expert advisor at the Austrian Institute of Technology in the Innovation Systems Department. He is an electrical engineer and holds a PhD in Socio-Economics. He is involved in RTI-policy making processes and long term strategic research agenda set-ting on Smart Grids and low carbon cities. Currently he is operating agent of ISGAN-Annex 7 Smart Grids Transitions and coordinator of the ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus project ReFlex.
Host: Clean Energy Solutions Center