First Advisory Board meeting in Brussels

12.9.2013, Brussels
Members of the Advisory and Dissemination Board and the consortium discussed the status and future of the S3C project.

In September 2013 the 1st Advisory and Dissemination Board (ADB) Meeting of the S3C project took place in Brussels where 14 members of the board from various countries and professions met with the S3C consortium to discuss the current status and future plans and actions of the project. The meeting was opened by key note speeches from the project coordinator Erik Laes (VITO) and the project manager Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M. Consult).
The members worked together with the consortium in three different workshops on the topics:
•    The Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t Knows of end user involvement
•    Toolkit Development
•    Untested end-user engagement strategies
ADB MeetingIn the first workshop, the ADB member stressed that, based on the experience and knowledge from their own projects and research fields, it is particularly important to understand and educate the end-user.
As a toolkit for the S3C tools, the project partner ECN plans to develop an interactive toolkit website that will be user friendly, intuitive and ultimately offer printable tool descriptions. The meeting closed with a very lively workshop on untested end-user engagement strategies, which included ideas for several new gadgets and put a strong emphasis on engaging social and regional communities, gaming and social networks.
All in all, the meeting received very positive response and the next ADB meeting is scheduled for spring 2014.