IEA DSM Task 24: Subtask 1 Analysis - Final Report and case study storybook

Task 24: Closing the Loop - Behaviour Change in DSM: From Theory to Policies and Practice

Task 24 of the IEA DSM Programme focuses on human energy using behaviour in order to increase the realisation of the large potential for Demand Side Management through behaviour change.
The task aims at closing the "loop” between behaviour change researchers, funders, policy makers, DSM implementers and energy users in order to increase the success of DSM programmes.
Subtask 1 of Task 24 provides a helicopter overview of models, frameworks, contexts, case studies and evaluation metrics.
The analysis of subtask 1 includes almost 40 case studies from more than 10 countries and describes cases of implemented policies, programmes and pilots with both top down and bottom-up approaches.
In order to avoid using the different jargons that come with researching different sectors, disciplines and stakeholders, the authors of the subtask 1 analysis used storytelling as a tool to describe the individual case studies in a format that is both very descriptive and engaging.
To download the full report, visit the IEA DSM website or click here. Also available on the website is a "Subtask 1 case study storybook” that summarises the findings of the analysis peppered with little comics strips that illustrate the stories told in the case studies.