S3C Deliverable 3.4

Report on case analyses, success factors and best practices

The objective of Deliverable 3.4 is to establish an understanding on whether and how the design, implementation and use of certain user interaction schemes (as part of a smart grid pilot/test) contribute to the formation of new ‘smart’ end user activities and behaviours in their different roles as consumers, customers and citizens.
32 European smart grid pilot projects – engaged as passive pilots in the so-called S3C ‘Family of Projects’ (FoP) – have been investigated through in-depth case study analysis. These pilots are among the most promising smart grid projects in Europe, since they display a potential for learning with respect to end user interaction.

This deliverable reports the outcomes of the analysis of the Family of Projects, including the assessment of cause-impact relations, the identification of cross-cutting success factors and pitfalls, as well as best practices from data gathered in in-depth case studies.

The outcomes from this task will serve as input for the S3C toolkit for practitioners in the field of smart energy.

Download the S3C D. 3.4 (PDF, 2MB).