Press release: “Empowering people for the smart energy system of the future” – The S3C project announces its final conference and introduces a toolkit for end user engagement

Berlin, 09/15/2015

On the 24th of September, the final conference of the S3C project will be held in Berlin. The S3C consortium presents the final results from three years of research on the engagement of consumers in smart energy projects including the web-based S3C toolkit for end user engagement.

The EU research project Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen (S3C) has recently launched the final version of the S3C toolkit for end user engagement. The S3C toolkit was developed for utilities, project managers, energy agencies and city developers who are involved or intend to become involved in the active engagement of consumers in smart energy projects.
The S3C toolkit features 35 guidelines and 14 ready-to-use tools on topics that have been identified the most promising opportunities for a long-term engagement of consumers, such as co-creation, community approaches or non-monetary incentivation strategies. The S3C tools and guidelines have been tested in the field by our smart grid project and utility partners.
The S3C project is officially concluding in October 2015. For its final conference, S3C has invited high-level speakers, including Maher Chebbo, president of ESMIG. Apart from the project’s final results, the conference addresses central success factors and open questions for engaging consumers in smart grid projects and rollouts during three panel discussions on: Smart Energy Community Approaches, Smart Energy Research beyond S3C and Smart Energy Products and Services.
The final conference of the S3C project is held on the 24th of September in Berlin, at the "Tagungszentrum Neue Mälzerei”.
About S3C
The rule „one size does not fit all” also applies to the preferences of residential and commercial energy end-users. In S3C, we differentiate between three archetypes of end-users: the smart consumer, the smart customer and the smart citizen. S3C is developing and testing an innovative toolkit to facilitate the activation and long-term engagement of end users of energy.
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