Evaluation studies for the implementation of S3C tools and guidelines

The S3C active partner InovGrid&InovCity tested S3C tools and guidelines in four different initiatives. The testing was supported by a workshop and several studies conducted by TNS. The results from the workshop and the studies have been used to optimise the respective S3C tools and guidelines.

“Key success factors and barriers to end user engagement in smart grid projects”

S3C paper submission for the Behave conference 2014

Case analyses, success factors and best practices of end user engagement in Smart Energy projects

Synthesis of S3C Deliverable 3.4

S3C Deliverable 3.4

Report on case analyses, success factors and best practices

"Segment specific consumption information for energy conservation and demand shifting"

A novel approach to increase the effectiveness of feedback systems

The Retail (R)Evolution - Power to the Customer

The Fundamentals of the Smart Energy System - a report by eurelectric

IEA DSM Task 24: Subtask 1 Analysis - Final Report and case study storybook

Task 24: Closing the Loop - Behaviour Change in DSM: From Theory to Policies and Practice

Synthesis of S3C Deliverable 1.1

Report on state-of-the-art and theoretical framework for end-user behaviour and market roles.

Voices of Experience: Insights on Smart Grid Customer Engagement

A Smart Grid implementation guideline based on shared knowledge and experience

SGCC Publication: Consumer Concerns and Educational Fact Sheets

Outline of end-user concerns in Smart Grids