To follow the electricity price

"Success factors for peak shaving without causing discomfort for residents"

Stockholm Royal Seaport

"Sustainable district, sustainable business arena"


"Co-creation on energy use in the workplace"

E-mobility by Elektro Gorenjska

"Smart consumers, customers and citizens can be potentially engaged by the integration of electric vehicles for the promotion of nature tourism"

Smart Metering Projekt

"Flexible tariffs and a feedback system can help customers to save energy."


"Technology can help end users increase their flexibility"


"Flemish households test smart appliances"


"Since industry alone is a major consumer of energy, a wide adoption of smart grid technologies in the industry sector can bring significant benefits to the overall energy sytem"

OSCAR energy efficiency portal

"Today, the OSCAR portal has 24.000 users"

Smart home on low voltage installation

"In most households, a smaller main fuse could be installed. Households could therefore reduce their electricity fixed costs."

ToU Italy

"ToU tariffs can induce end users to be more efficient in their daily energy use at home"

eueco – Facilitating citizen participation

“A platform for sustainable participation of citizens”

Smart Grid: Rendement voor Iedereen

"Bottom-up approach beneficial for active engagement of end-users"

AlpEnergy - VPS Allgäu

"Residential and commercial end-users in the Alpine space show great interest in energy efficiency topics"

Salzburg SME DR Study

"SMEs show the potential and willingness to shift specific loads"


"Technology can help end-users to make a more efficient use of their electric appliances"