What we want

People make the difference in the transition to our future energy system. S3C paves the way for the successful long-term end-user engagement.

We from the S3C project believe that the future Energy System will..
  • provide variety of new energy related services on existing and new market places
  • revolve around end users and address them as consumers, customers and good citizens
  • follow approaches from social sciences and behavioural psychology and include experience from other business areas

However, the "One” smart consumer does not exist and uniform solutions are not applicable when human nature is involved. Therefore, the S3C project addresses the end-users on three different levels in order to promote cooperation between the end-users and the energy utility of the future:

The smart consumer represents the most passive role and end-user could take up in future smart grid functioning. This end-user is mostly interested in lowering his/her energy bill, having stable or predictable energy bills over time and keeping comfort levels of energy services on an equal level.

"I want to reduce my energy consumption to save money”

The smart customer takes up a more active role in future smart grid functioning. This end-user follows "I-centred” needs and motivations, e.g. conformity, image, popularity or financial success.

"I want to become a prosumer – consume as well as produce energy or provide energy services”

The smart citizen values the development of smart grids as an opportunity to realise "We-centred” needs or motivations, e.g. affiliation, self-acceptance or community.

"I want to help ensure the quality of supply and support environment preservation”

In motivating end-users to become part of the future energy grid, S3C relies on diverse end-user engagement strategies from the following fields: